Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello & Welcome!

Hi everyone!
I was inspired by a friend's food blog to try out blogging myself (An Edible Symphony by Muneeba: Even though I am not an avid cook, I do love food with all my heart (especially carbs-hence the title!) . My dream is to be cooking and feeding others delicious food prepared with a whole lotta love one day!
I am in love with the Food Channel and watch it religiously (love Chef Michael Smith who cooks without a recipe!). Until now, cooking was just something i saw others master and do but this year i finally made the decision to enroll into culinary school. My main goals are to learn the various cooking techniques, delve into diverse ingredients, and to really to get more comfortable in my own kitchen.
I start October 12th, 2009 iA and i am feeling a mix of excitement, happiness and nervous-ness too (what if I suck!). I thought starting a food blog would be a great idea to share any undertakings in the kitchen and also to write about my adventures in culinary school!
I guess like any blog, this one will be dynamic and will slowly evolve as we go along. So please, stay tuned and read on!

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