Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tropical Fruit Party Punch

Fast and easy, a wonderful, light and refreshing party punch. I made this for my sister's bridal shower recently and it was a BIG hit! Thought I'd share the recipe with you all :)

Tropical Fruit Party Punch (40+ servings)


1 Carton Orange Strawberry & Banana Tropicana juice blend
2 cans frozen Tropical Punch concentrate
2 (2L) bottles Diet Sprite, chilled
1 Orange
1 Packet Frozen Rasberries
2 Trays Ice cubes
Punch bowl


In a punch bowl, combine fruit punch and orange juice blend. Slowly pour sprite down the side of the bowl to retain carbonation.  
Slice orange and add to the punch as well as the rasberries
Stir in the ice cubes and serve

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  1. What a fun punch! I love that you added frozen raspberries...must have added some great tartness to the mix!


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